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Law is considered to be dynamic in nature because it keeps evolving along with the needs of the society. So, in order to understand the law, we need to understand the needs of the society first. The needs of the society can be comprehended by integrating the opinions of people from different walks of life, on various subjects.

We, at Jus Dicere, encourage individuals to present their research work in social, economic and political areas which are all pragmatic ingredients of the legal field. The medium can be anything from a blog or a publication to an event.

Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal is a conscientious and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm. He is pursuing his five-year Law Graduation at Symbiosis International University. Agrawal has authored a book “Layman’s Legal Guide of Right to Information”. He has a keen interest in research work and secured number of publications on various platform. His work covered contemporary issues in Criminal, Human Rights and Environmental Law. He has also presented numerous paper in various national and international conferences.

Saumya Snehal

Saumya Snehal is pursuing her law graduation program at Chanakya National Law University. She is very much interested in content writing and everything legal. She has an innate love for both Law and Literature and that inspires the career opportunities she is pursuing right now. She has a very narrow gauge track mind which enables her to focus completely on the task she is doing at the time and give it her best shot. Other than that she is an efficient planner, insomniac and a workaholic. The ideal life she dreams about is when every second of her day would be scheduled and productive