About Precedent

Precedent is a bi-annual publication of Jus Dicere Center of Research in law that provides in-depth coverage of the issues that are of great importance to private practitioners, judges, corporate lawyers, government attorneys and other members of the legal community. Special emphasis is laid on contemporary developments, but at the same time the publication intends to cover aspects from jurisprudence and legal history. It is well-known and respected, for its prompt and discerning reporting of research articles. Articles reported in are selected by a highly qualified editorial board that uses a process of selection structured to suit the needs of the readers. The publication is a materialization of the age old saying that a pen is mightier than the sword and gives people an opportunity to be heard and their opinions highlighted on a massive platform.

The publication serves two purpose, namely, enhance the research skill of the writer and secondly, present the opinions of the writer on the matter. A research paper is not a report. It is the expression of the views of the writer in the matter, backed by substantial research and reflects the analysis of the research. We at Jus Dicere Centre of Research in Law intend to provide such a platform. This is a publication that engages all topics of legal scholarship, with special attention given to articles that show the connections among public interest, innovation, and the practical application of law. It is published bi-annually and includes articles by legal and interdisciplinary academics, attorneys, and law students.

Recent Issue

December, 2017

Volume 1 | Issue 2

ISBN -  978-92-5281-177-9

Past Issue

June, 2017

Volume 1 | Issue 1

ISBN -  978-1-64008-273-1