The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) on Wednesday launched a Web Application for free Legal Services to prisoners, and the Legal Services Management System developed through the NIC.

Through the Web Application, the information regarding legal representation of individual prison inmates will be fed by the State Legal Services Authorities and District Legal Services Authorities. Further, the Information is capable of being sorted State-wise, District-wise and jail-wise. Reports can also be generated by entering the period of incarceration, which will in turn generate information with regard to prisoners eligible for bail under Section 436A. The software will, therefore, be able to generate reports showing total number of inmates, number of inmates unrepresented, number of inmates represented by legal services lawyers, and number of inmates represented by private lawyers.
The Application was launched by Supreme Court Judge, Justice Dipak Misra, who is also the Executive Chairman of NALSA, at a conference held at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. The Conference was attended by the Member Secretaries along with their administrative officers of 18 State Legal Services Authorities. The launch was followed by an orientation session conducted by the NIC team. Justice Misra said the web application would make the legal services system more transparent and efficient, owing to real-time monitoring.

The digitised database, launched by Justice Misra, would also have details of cases pending against the inmates, lawyers representing them, if any, case stage, next date of hearing and other related information collated from the jail authorities. Justice Misra has also approved increasing the number of volunteers from 54,000 to about 80,000 across the country.

While the information on legal aid seekers and beneficiaries will be available at one centralised point — SLSA office, video-conferencing facility has also been made available at these offices for the under-trials to interact with counsels or legal services officials for redress of grievances.

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