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Law School can be a challenging time for any student. There is so much to study and the encompassing and dynamic nature of the subjects does not make it any easier. Also, on a more pragmatic note, the level of teaching and the communication of teachers in each and every law school for each and every subject cannot be the same and the level of grasping capacity of every student is different too. And if this was not daunting enough, there are research papers, research projects, article writing, case analysis, moot memorials and a hell lot more to take care of. In this situation, often peers and seniors cannot provide the solutions to your problems and hence we bring to you the Jus Dicere Research Assistance Service.


Be it your College Assignment, Research Paper for Seminar or Conference.

Case analysis

We Promise to help you analysis any case, be it national or international.

moot court memo

Tight Deadline? Tough Research?
Don't Worry, We are here to help you. Trust Us

anything you want

Anything apart from this, don't worry, drop us an email. We will do it too.

choose as per your need

From Research Papers, Articles, Case Analysis, Moot Memorials to any research content you require. We got you covered. 


research paper

  • Dedicated Mentor
  • Subject Expert
  • Global Standards
  • 30 Days Support
  • Publication Support


moot memorial

  • Dedicated Person
  • Subject Oriented Expert
  • International Standards
  • 30 Days Support
  • Pleading Assistance


Case analysis

  • Dedicated Mentor
  • Subject Expert
  • Critical Analysis
  • 30 Days Support
  • Global Formats

Frequently asked questions

Click on the ‘Get Started’ button and proceed with the instructions. It’s really that simple. We will email you a form where you will have to fill certain fields which will help us in assisting you better. You can also choose to skip certain fields if you do not feel the need to give that information.

Once we receive all information, we will share the details of mentor with you.

With our commitment to your satisfaction, Our mentor will be with you until you are completely satisfied with your paper but it is advised that you have a clear view about your requirements and convey the same to our consultant in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure quicker delivery of your documents.

Yes, we provide support till paper is published. You can let us know the suggestions or assistance your require via email and we will make sure to fulfill them without additional charges.

Changes and modifications should not constitute a requirement change. For example, if you get a paper assistance for publication in Journal of Criminal Law, you cannot ask for it to be changed to Criminal International Law – that would constitute a Requirement change, and not a modification.