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One of the lines most frequented by practicing members of the Legal Fraternity to incumbent law students is that “Law is actually learnt in the courtrooms and tribunals, by practicing and applying, not what is taught in the classrooms.’ There is no doubt in the truthful relevance of this statement and hence here we are trying to bridge this gap of knowledge and practical information on what is taught and what also needs to be learnt. This is something that can be only learnt through internships that guarantee a work experience in a real time work environment. However the task of banging these internships is no less than climbing a mountain and with the abundance of law students and the scarcity of good internships does not make it any easier. You need the skills of drafting the perfect internship application, a commendable curriculum vitae, and the right approach to apply in the right place according to your preference of work and we have brought in the Jus Dicere Internship Assistance Service to help you with that.

Assured Internship

Worried about next internship? We promise to find a perfect internship as per your choice

Customised Cover Letter

We bring resume Cover Letter writing to make you stand out in the application process.


A Custom, modern CV & LinkedIn Profile that tells your academic & career story.

Career Guidance

Knowledge and skills they need to transition from university to the world of work.

Lawyers & Law Firms

choose as per your need

From where to apply to how to apply, building your LinkedIn Profile and Curriculum Vitae, everything you need to land the desired internship.

₹4999 ₹3499/-

Two Year Assistance

Promise of 5 Internships

  • 2 Year Validity
  • Placement Support
  • 3 Choices Every Time
  • Profile Building Assistance
  • Best Opportunities for You


Curriculum Vitae

  • Modern
  • Customised
  • Professional Touch
  • Cover Letter +


One Time Assistance

  • 2 Choices
  • Your Preference
  • Profile Building
  • Career Guidance


Profile Building

  • Curriculum vitae
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Internship Planning
  • Career Guidance

Frequently asked questions

We will appreciate if you allow us atleast 45 days to look for best options for you. However, even if you are tight with dates, we will try our best to find a right fit for you. 

Yes, We will ask city, area of law & type of lawyer you would like work with. We know everyone doesn’t have same preferences. 

No, there is no prerequisite as such; any law student in any year of their law study can apply. We cater to all sets of internships.

No, you need not be in the top of your class to apply for a Internship. We help you play to your strengths to achieve the internship you want. However, few firms require you to clear specific semester of law school.

Whenever you apply anywhere, the company or the law firm does go through your social media activities. In today’s modern day and era, technology is the recommendation letter required. LinkedIn is your academic and career social network. A strong LinkedIn profile adds to your resume.

A well written resume is what distinguishes you from the thousands others that apply for the same job and same internship. It is what lands you an interview and ensures that your good achievements precede you there. This is the first impression that you have anywhere you apply and hence it is important to get it right.