What Industry Says ! Saurabh Arora, Associate, Tatva Legal – Journey from Class Room to Conference Room

Saurabh Arora, graduated in law from Symbiosis Law School, Noida, in 2016. He is currently associate at Tatva Legal in the Corporate and M&A team. He is also titled as all rounder in his law school.

  1. Hello! Let our reader know about you?

Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself”. Well for the time being let me introduce as I am still working hard; I am a corporate lawyer by profession, childhood days chef by interest and teacher by passion. We are one thing within oneself and it all depends on how we utilize that quality of ours.

  1. What made you chose law as a career?

Law was never my choice of interest in the beginning. Law happened to me by chance and not by choice. But it is worth mentioning that childhood days, I was inclined towards business and was always curious to know the functioning of the companies. Coming from a business family, I was intrigued by the fact that law played the basis or an important part of almost all professions. My dad always asked me to stay away from three kinds of people; Doctor, Police, and LAWYER. And this is my fate. I believe that this profession requires a lot of research, patience and hard work for long working hours. Being a workaholic, I have no indecision for the same.

  1. I’m sure your law school journey must be having lots of ups and down, Share some moments from it?

My law school journey was more of a rollercoaster ride, right from the fresher’s day till the farewell, we had it all. It would be unfair to share some moments and leave the rest. But in all the best thing about our law school was that it never made me feel that there was any rat race going on as everyone was moving at their own pace and were busy creating their own identity.

Symbiosis Law School, Noida was more of a family. A family which guides you, protects you and makes you believe that you are in the correct hands and guidance.

  1. What/ Who was your motivation throughout the journey?

Someone rightly said, “Legal profession is always chosen when someone is there to inspire”. But I believe that a person’s inspiration should be one himself. If he desires to do something, then it is very unlikely for them to not succeed in this profession. In addition, one must always have the support of their parents, guidance from teachers and knowledge from the professionals.

  1. Things you enjoyed doing in law school?

I made sure that I was trying everything for at least once. Everyone should enjoy whatever they do so as to make out most of it. Learning is much more when it is done with fun. I enjoyed mooting and most of the time in the final year were spent interning. So, all the moments spent were enjoyable.

  1. We always have pressure in law school to build CV with Moots, and research papers, so, how do these activities helped you in the professional world?

As mentioned, you have to be multi-tasking. There is no short cut to success. One has to build their own empire in order to survive in this competitive environment. To succeed you must learn and grasp everything that comes your way. Never believe that you are burdened with moot and research as it is extremely important in a law student’s career.

  1. Advice to students as for how can they excel their speaking and writing skills?

He is no lawyer who cannot speak or write well. This profession is all about these two. If you are willing to survive in this profession, then you must possess these. If you don’t have it, then try learning it.

  1. Share your internship experiences? Does it really matter?

Internship plays an important role in a law student life. It is how well you apply your theoretical knowledge to the practical aspects, which is one of the best forms of learning. A student must determine his area of interest and try to secure an internship. I have interned with ShardulAmarchand&Mangaldas, Tatva Legal, Dua Associates, Hindustan Times etc. One must always keep one thing in mind before interning that internships shouldn’t be for the sake of formality but it should always be for enhancing one’s skill and be always keen on learning something new.

  1. How do you think internships aided to your successful professional life?

Internships are not only for fulfilling academic requirements but for learning new things, taking up new challenges, understanding the practicality and most importantly the culture of the organization you would be working with.

As an intern, I have interned thrice with Tatva Legal and every student willing to secure a job in top tier firm must prove their worth. I believe that every law student must be well planned for their internships before hand, explore places and most importantly try either for a call back internship or for extensions.

  1. Things which now you feel that you should have tried hand at during law school but you didn’t?

I was titled with an “All-Rounder” by my college because I barely missed any opportunity given to me. I was the member of Research and Publication Cell, I participated in various moot courts, got multiple publications in various reputed journals. But keep one thing in mind; along with curricular activities one must not forget to participate in extra-curricular activities because it not only enhances your skills but also gives you a broader idea and scope of the legal area.

  1. What is your opinion on the present education system?

The theory is important as to what we learn in college, but one will never know its relevance unless applied in real life. Our legal system lacks some of this sort. Being in this profession requires more of interpretation of laws and its applicability, so I think practical knowledge should be put in equal balance to that of theoretical knowledge.

  1. Life from Law School Desk to Dais?

Not much a difference. I was a learner and I still am.

  1. The Vital lesson taught by the professional world which law school didn’t teach?

“Opportunity knocks only once”. Grab it or you would be too late lagging behind others. Always focus on improving yourself and make yourself much better than what you were yesterday.

  1. Advice for students pursuing law?


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