What Industry Say : Dr. Manjinder Gulyani, Assistant Professor, Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University

Dr. Manjinder Gulyani is working as an Assistant Professor specialised in the field of Criminal Law& Constitutional Law. She has been working since 2003 in the Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University. She is the part of the Moot Court Committee, Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University. She is not only the most knowledgeable teacher in the institute but she was also an all-rounder student with active participation in diverse activities. She was a gold medallist in her graduation and the class topper from her batch in LLB. She did her LLB & LLM from Kurukshetra University. She is a persona of diverse work profile coupled with profound passion towards law.

1. Tell us about your educational background. What prompted you to choose law?
Dr. Manjinder: LLM (NET), PhD. As you already now I specialize in Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.
Law is a noble profession and the knowledge of law really prompted me to take up my profession. Knowledge of law is crucial and by this knowledge we can actually help people. Legal awareness is really required in our country….all these factors prompted me.

2. What problems do you face in your profession? What kind of work pressure do you experience?
Dr.Manjinder : As such , I don’t face any problem but I feel that due to my work schedule, I am left with very less time for carrying out some research work of my own.
Now, talking about the work pressure there is no work pressure…..there is quite a good balance of work but this balance gets disrupted sometimes due to some administrative obligations that we as teachers have to comply…else there is no pressure at all.

3. It is generally believed that one must have a strong legal background in order to succeed in legal profession. What are your views on this? Do you really think that it is comparatively more difficult for first generation law graduates to establish themselves in any field of law?
Dr.Manjinder : Indeed there is a stereotype in the minds of people that first generation law graduates can’t establish themselves but now this stereotype is shattering and I have observed it myself…my several friends are thriving despite the fact that they don’t have any legal background. I feel if you really have passion them you can achieve anything. All one need is due passion and devotion.

4. In the last ten years, you must have seen a tremendous change in litigation. Now women are equally going in for independent practise. What do you have to say on this? Also, what do you think are the reasons behind relatively lesser no. of women than men in practise?Dr.Manjinder : Yes, the time is changing…our societal believes are also changing. Now, there has been a paradigm shift in our rather conservative society. But still the desired number of female advocates is far fetched and there are several reasons behind this ….. like – The working hours are not oriented for women and even the work environment in lower courts is not good…but now the situation is changing for the better future.

5. Besides litigation or judiciary law students can explore much more. What’s your view on this?
Dr.Manjinder : Whenever a student pursue law…the basic thing in his / her mind is litigation or judiciary but there are so many fields which could be explored like the Patent Law is very vast and versatile and there is so much scope in that….one could be a patent attorney and what not!

6. What are your views regarding the system of legal education in our country? What are your recommendations, if any amends required?
Dr.Manjinder: Law is such kind of profession where education plays a foundation role. In my view, there should be more emphasis on Practical experience of the students so that they could expand the practical horizons of their knowledge. In addition to this, there should be more inclination towards internships and the evaluation criterion also needs reformation.

7. Being an academician is a treasure for a true explorer! What’s your advice to enter this field? Is there any memorable incident that you would like to share with us?
Dr.Manjinder : My only advice is that one should enter this field or profession only when one have genuine passion to teach else you can’t make a difference and there is no use.
Memorable moments …..ah! There are so many… I can’t really put to words but I can tell you that almost everyday something unique in its own wayoccurs.

8. Corporate v Litigation. Comment. Which is better and why?
Dr.Manjinder : I feel Corporate field is narrow and controlled while the arena of Litigation is so wide…There is so much to explore. So, in my view, Litigation, here, knocks out corporate.

9. How important is an LLM for a law student? Specialisation in which field you think gives the highest future prospectus?
Dr.Manjinder : See, if a law student want to practice law then there is no need or obligation of doing an LLM. But if the student have interest so pursuing an LLM is a good way of expanding knowledge.

10. Surrogacy (regulation) bill, 2016 has provisions banning the commercial surrogacy in India while allowing altruistic surrogacy. Also, only legally wedded Indian couples can have children thus excluding single parents, live in partners, homosexuals and unmarried couples. What are your views on this?
Dr.Manjinder : Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 has provisions banning the commercial surrogacy in India while allowing altruistic surrogacy ……well, only altruistic deed in today’s world is too good to be true. This can create certain gaps or loopholes in the law. Also, we need good guidelines for this law.

11. What are your views regarding Juvenile Justice System in our country?
Dr.Manjinder : The Juvenile Law in our country is good in theory but there are practical impediments. It needs proficiency in enforcement. In addition to this, the shelter homes and other child welfare policies for the protection of children are not sufficient.

12. Do you agree that RTI Act, 2005 has strengthened the pillars of democracy? In what manner transparency is maintained between government and citizens?
Dr.Manjinder : Indeed RTI Act has brought a sort of revolutionary change. There is a paradigm shift in how things work now. There is much more transparency…..people are now well informed. The information is readily available, so people do not feel that they are kept under dark. It is a great piece of legislation.

13. If you are given the opportunity to bring certain reforms in any of the prevailing law, what kind of changes will you like to propose?
Dr.Manjinder : As Iearlier talked about the Juvenile Law….if I really given a chance then I would like to propose some reformation in the Juvenile Law. For instance – there is – ‘’3 strikes and you are out’’ legislation implemented in USA to punish the repeated offenders….similarly in our country we need policies to punish repeated offenders.

14. Any message for the young law students and what skills should they develop so that they can be a good lawyer or academician as well as responsible citizen of this nation?
Dr.Manjinder : Law is such kind of field which should be entered by one only when one is passionate about law as well as he/she has the passion to pursue it. Don’t take anything for granted. Success can be achieved….big names can be made if one explores the field be it teaching or practice.

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