What Industry Says : Anwita Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Lucknow

Anwita Chakraborty is working as an Assistant Professor in Amity Law School, Amity University Lucknow. Prior to this She was engaged as a Research Teaching Associate in GNLU. Mam has done B.A.LL.B.(H) from Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies and then She completed her LL.M. from HNLU, Raipur.

The notion to know her rights and duties and the ways to get it when infringed as a citizen of India promoted her to choose law as career. The diverse scope in the field of law was also one of the reasons which promoted her to pursue law but her respected professor became her idle which promoted mam to choose teaching profession in law. We bring here few of her experience here for you :

  1. What problems do you face in your profession? What kind of work pressure do you experience?

There is not much work pressure as when someone is passionate and committed about his/her work, it do not seems like a pressure or burden but yes, sometimes it seems a bit laborious to reach out the minds of new students.

  1. It is generally believed that one must have a strong legal       background in order to succeed in legal profession. What are your    views on this? Do you really think that it is comparatively more difficult for first generation law graduates to establish themselves in any field of law?

Law is a vast field of knowledge in itself and I personally believe that no one can completely master in this field. Thus, for learning such a vast and multidisciplinary field a student needs mind not a legal background.

As I have told that law is a vast field of knowledge that is the reason it only requires from a lawyer to be willing to work hard and gain knowledge and do more and more practical work. Thus, it depends on the individual capabilities to succeed in this field rather than any legal background.

  1. In the last ten years, you must have seen a tremendous change in litigation. Now women are equally going in for independent practise. What do you have to say on this? Also, what do you think are the reasons behind relatively lesser number of women than men in practise?

I have previously litigated and have experienced that there is a sharp increase in the number of women going in for independent practise.

But, still there is relatively lesser number of women than men in legal practise despite the fact that I have just told you, it is because of their personnel opinion regarding the extra set of responsibilities which they have to perform.

  1. Besides litigation or judiciary law students can explore much more. What’s your view on this?

Yes, a law student can explore much more than litigation and judiciary like teaching profession and other trends like corporate legal officers, paralegal, legal secretary and much more. There is a continuous growth of globalization and industrialisation in our country for which our law is continuously adapting which in turn has paved a way for increasing demand for various legal profession.

  1. What are your views regarding the system of legal education in our country? What are your recommendations, if any amends required?

There was a time when only few people used to adopt law as there career but continuous increase in the scope of legal profession has led it to a level that it is pursued by a large number of people. This has led to the increase in the quality of legal education but still most of the institutions don’t have practical oriented syllabus.

There should be a regular quality check of law institutions on the basis of their practical based syllabus implementation and to some extent quota system for the admission in various law institutions should be revived.

  1. Being an academician is a treasure for a true explorer! What’s your advice to enter this field? Is there any memorable incident that you would like to share with us?

Practical knowledge through internship in various institutions and a strong will to gain knowledge and interact with new people in a productive way is must to be a successful and meaningful academician. An academician’s job is to give knowledge to others thus he should continuously embellish himself in every possible way. I do not clearly remember any events to inspire your readers but yes, experiences with new students are the best means to evolve our various skills.

  1. Corporate v Litigation. Comment. Which is better and why?

Both are important in their own area of zones, Litigation being core area of law.

  1. How important is an LLM for a law student? Specialisation in which field you think gives the highest future prospectus?

It’s importance depends on the choice and career goals of a lawyer. I think that specialisation in corporate law and IPR gives the highest future prospectus.

  1. Any tips or message to the starters or freshers as on how to become a pro?

Being well versed with the basics of law and development of strong instincts through practical experience and continuous update of change in society and law are some of the tips to succeed in this field.

  1. Surrogacy (regulation) bill, 2016 has provisions banning the commercial surrogacy in India while allowing altruistic surrogacy. Also, only legally wedded Indian couples can have children thus excluding single parents, live in partners, homosexuals and unmarried couples. What are your views on this?

The bill has perks for those kids which may go through social humiliation if they will be children of homosexuals and married couples but it is a pity that it do not recognise the rights of homosexuals. Regarding surrogacy it is a positive step for stopping the exploitation of poor women.

  1. Another historic bill passed last year is GST bill i.e. one nation one tax. Do you think this is going to be a success?

Yes, definitely it will be a success.

  1. What are your recommendations regarding the steps to be taken to prevent the youth violence which is prevailing in our society at large?

Self-awareness towards social duties among youths and stopping political parties from exploiting and misusing youth in the name of country’s democracy can prevent youth violence.

  1. What are your views regarding ‘’3 strikes and you are out’’ legislation implemented at USA to punish the repeated offenders. Do think this legislation should be implemented in our country?

It is good policy but in India Judges have been given certain limits to give sentences as per their intellect and they are capable enough to do that. So, it is not required to be implemented in India.

  1. What are your views regarding Juvenile Justice System in our country?

After the latest amendment it has been revived in an effective way and it is good for our country.

  1. What are your views regarding Indian crimes issues from global perspective?

Indian crimes affect many International Bilateral Treaties, it should be effectively checked as many times other countries use some big criminals as shield to hinder bilateral talks of other countries by supporting it.

  1. Do you agree that RTI Act, 2005 has strengthened the pillars of democracy? In what manner transparency is maintained between government and citizens?

Yes, it has strengthen the pillars of democracy but it has to be implemented in an effective way.

  1. If you are given the opportunity to bring certain reforms in any of the prevailing law, what kind of changes will you like to propose?

First of all, LGBT law should be revived and their rights should be guaranteed.

  1. Any message for the young law students and what skills should they develop so that they can be a good lawyer or academician as well as responsible citizen of this nation?

First priority is to become a good person, so a student should not grudge against another and he/she should not wrong advantage of the family background. Social service should also be kept in mind. A lawyer should be willing to continuous embellish themselves throughout their life through reading and good presentation and speaking skill.


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