IVth Phase Poll in UP Changes BJP’s Strategy.

Fourth Phase of Poll in state of Uttar Pradesh leads to change in BJP’s strategy.  BJP in UP has quickly graduated from development to caste quota and now also Hindutva brand of politics.

As the poll has come to its 4th phase the party has relaved its strategy, completely returning to Hindutva agenda.

This was quite evident after party’s rally in Fatehpur on Feburary 19, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, if you create Kabristan ( Graveyard) , then Shamshaan Ghat ( Cremation Ground) should also be created.

There shall be no discrimination on grounds of caste.

BJP chief Amit Shah had set the tone much earlier on January 28 , while releasing the BJP manifesto, reiterating the party’s commitment to Build Ram Mandir by legal means.

He had also stressed upon the issue of religion based migration in Kairana, claiming it had caused dangerous demographic changes.

This is clear shift from Narendra Modi’s 2014 elections campaign where his main fight was for Development, where he put forth the Gujrat Model.

But recent incidents in Gujrat such as Hardik Patel agitation have taken sheen off the Gujrat Model.



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