Journal of Business, Law & Society

Journal of Business, Law & Society is focused on interdisciplinary dissertate between the law and other integrated fields. This journal has been developed with an idea to fill the void between the law and its association with business, social, science, political, environment, and such allied fields.

This journal explores the relationship between business, law and social changes. The intention of this journal is to provide everyone with judicial changes and new legal developments and at the same time provide a new theoretical bias that influence change in the law as the society evolves. It prime focus is to address the real issues existing in the society and addresses influential solutions by drawing inputs not only from the law but also other allied fields to bring successful positive changes in the society via articles.

Experiential, pragmatic research and analysis of virtue and vices of the current law and exploration of new paths for existing laws is another major objective of this journal. It focuses on encouraging the involvement of students, research scholars, practicing professionals and other allied professionals to undergo research by focusing on the issues that the society faces, analyze and bring better solutions to overcome the same.

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Title of Publication Journal of Business, Law & Society
Publisher Parag Agrawal
Publishing Authority Jus Dicere
Volume One
Issue Two
Editorial Board click here
Publication Month December
Publication Year 2018

Paper Published


Title of Manuscript Author Paper Link
The Law on Crimes of Stalking and Voyeurism in India with effect on Right to Live of the Victims Animesh Pareek Click here
Media Trial in India Avni Tiwari Click here
RBI New Framework, 2018 for Dealing with Stressed Assets in India and It’s Impact Ayush Dwivedi Click here
Treatment of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage under Hindu Law Kushal Srivastava Click here
History and Legality of Independent Directors in India Nijandhan K P Click here
Physical Crimes Against Women Yukti Yadav Click here
Corporate Governance In Banking Sector: A Legal Perspective Sonali Sachdeva Click here
Safety At Work Places? Sugandha Sehgal & Deepti Chauhan Click here
Insider Trading Regulations In India Saurabh Batar Click here
Should Sports Betting And Gambling Be Legal In India? Gourav Kumar Click here

Publication Details

Title of Publication Journal of Business, Law & Society
Publisher Parag Agrawal
Publishing Authority Jus Dicere
Volume One
Issue One
Editorial Board click here
Publication Month September
Publication Year 2018

Paper Published

Title of Paper Author Name Paper Link
First Author Second Author
Case Comment – Neetu Singh V. Rajiv Saumitra Abhay Gairola click here
Crime Against Women; A Growing Concern For Humanity. Akshay Shrivastava click here
Gender Injustice and Harassment in Film Industry: Constraints And Remedies Akshi Gill Aditi Jaiswal click here
Indian Law Favour Women More Akshita Shukla click here
Uncle Judges Practice Alok Bhardwaj Sankalp Patel click here
Case Comment – Rajesh Sharma & Others V State of UP & Others Amrashaa Singh click here
Criminal Victimization and Administration of Justice Anshul Gupta click here
Female Infanticide Arathy.R click here
Uniform Civil Code: A Progressive Step Avni Kritika click here
The Fight Is Not Over: Analysis of Shayara Bano Case Deepansh Tripathi Rakshika Aphale click here
Comparison between Status of Women In Hindu Society And Muslim Society Divya Sadhwani click here
GST – Great Skeptic Transition Gautam Kumar Aadarsh Anand click here
Paris Women Identity Crisis: A Case Of Deemed Conversion Questioning the Autonomous Status of Women Gursimran Kaur Bakshi click here
Crimes Relating To Indian Passport Act, 1967 Harsh Narwal click here
Corporate Social Contract Ivin George click here
Marital Rape: A Legit Crime Juhi Anand Shweta Raj click here
Competition Policy: Developing Countries Advantage Kartikeya Tripathi click here
A Case Study of Feminism In India Krishna Balraj Sahay Snehil click here
Absolute Conjugal Rights Blurring the Concept of Violence Within A Wedlock: A Comparative Study Of South Africa And Swaziland. Mahima Balaji click here
The Indian Saga on Fugitive Economic Offenders Manohar Samal click here
Public Policy as Ground for Setting Aside Or Non- Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards: Asian Perspective Misha Bahmani click here
Why Marital Rape Should Not Be Criminalised Priyadarshi Jha click here
The Malediction of Juvenile Delinquency Priyanka Nair Vishnu Prasad J click here
Rights and Obligations of a State in International Investments Priyanka Parag Taktawala click here
Execution of Foreign Arbitral Award Vis-A-Vis Public Policy Rahul Saraswat click here
Quality of Legal Education In India: Way Ahead Raj Krishna Jagriti Pandey click here
Incongruity between Creditors and Homebuyers Under The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Rudrani Sengupta click here
Rehabilitating Criminals through Probation And Parole: A Socio-Legal Analysis Sami Ahmed Mohd Yasin click here
Digital Economy Simran Kaur Kohli click here
Do Medicines Need Treatment In India Subhiksha.S Swathika Rathnachalam click here
Religion and Equality in Liberal Constitutionalism Varsha Balasubramanian click here
GST and the Service Sector-An Analysis in India Vasudha Krishnamurthy click here
Title of Manuscript First Author Paper Link
The Development of Competition Law in India Animesh Pareek Click here
One Man’s Vulgarity is another Man’s Lyric Ashna Chhabra Click here
Law of Extradition in India with View of International Law and Treaties Avni Tiwari Click here
Liberty of Sexual Orientation under Indian Law and Societal Aspects Ayush Dwivedi Click here
Constitutional Protection of Civil Servants in India and Chances of Misuse Kushal Srivastava Click here
Criminal Justice System Reforms in India Nijandhan K P Click here
Introduction to Jurisprudence of Marriage under Muslim Law in India Tanish Khandelwal Click here
Legality of Cyber Crime in India Vishal Sharma Click here

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