Jus Dicere Review

Law is the most integral part of the society we live in, touching every aspect of life, political, economic, cultural, social, influencing actions and behaviour or all persons both natural and artificial. Law is also dynamic, ever changing and dynamic, updated everyday by the legislature through making and judiciary through interpretation. More than this, Law is the solution of the problems facing the society and that explains the ever evolving nature of the same.  Law evolves to the needs of the society, understanding the shortcomings of previous laws and the necessity for new enactments, law addresses the issues plaguing the society. Jus Dicere Review   aims at addressing the legal issues faced by the society and finding answers through the innovative research of bright young legal minds of India. We provide an opportunity to the legal fraternity, students, academicians, practitioners, scholars and researchers to publish their hard work to the world and put forth their perspective. This journal wishes to provide an impetus to the field of legal research by encouraging their opinions and articulation about relevant undercurrents and their pragmatic solutions.