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Writer's Corner

Writer corner is created and dedicated to share the information among the legal fraternity. Here, one can find informative, exploratory and insightful articles, blogs, reports, documentation and reviews focusing on the different subject of law. Jus Dicere offers law students, professionals and even general public, a free access on these blogs and articles. The main aim is to provide resources on the subject of law to meet the need of every individual to strengthen their knowledge on the subject of law.

Learning Repository

We believe everyone deserves access to a world of education. With this motto, we took an initiative to provide free learning material on the varied topics, themes, theories, concepts, principles and facts within the subjects of law crafted by highly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced professionals. In addition to course materials, we conduct exams for the students. This initiative allows researchers, students to get desired knowledge on the specific topic at any time.

What Industry Says

We create an opportunity for the students to get greater knowledge about a specific topic from the expert professionals, practitioners. A behavioral based interview section, where the students can know about the experts; experts can share their opinions, perspectives and suggest an idea on the specific case. The real-time interactive session can aid students with flexibility, convenience in learning and they can also get the knowledge on ways of handling the legal cases.

Case Comment

Case Comments contain the records on the judgments and associated comments on a particular case by judges and its legal impacts. These case comments assist the legal fraternity to get an idea about how the specific case is handled, analyzes and solutions are framed. The students and other members of the legal community can improve their case handling skills on how to use the shreds of evidence, legal principles and rules presented, considered and applied.

Legal Awareness

We aim to bring consciousness among the students, professionals and other common people to gain knowledge on issues involved in law. In current society, there is a need for getting knowledge of legal culture, legal disputes, and other judicial rules. We share articles, documents, reports addressing the issues the society face in everyday life and personal concerns to generate awareness among the people and to be aware of their rights and other aspects of legal services. The aim of this initiative is to empower everyone with the knowledge of their legal rights, duties.