Madras HC directs government to check for Adulteration of milk in Tamil Nadu

The state government on Monday informed the Madras high court that it would constitute a committee soon to look into the allegation that milk being sold in Tamil Nadu is adulterated. The state would file a status report before the court.

Government pleader M.K. Subramanian made this submission when a PIL filed by advocate A.P.Suryaprakasam came up for hearing before a division bench comprising Chief Justice Indira Banerjee and Justice M.Sundar on Monday.The bench posted further hearing to June 19 of the PIL, which sought a CBI probe into the allegation that milk being sold in TN is adulterated and if found true, prosecute the adulterated milk producing companies.

In his PIL, Suryaprakasam also sought to amend section 272 IPC for enhancing the punishment for adulterators of milk and milk products to life sentence.According to Suryaprakasam, milk plays an important role in the health and life of every human being and if citizens, for no fault of theirs, were forced to consume adulterated milk then the state government, responsible for the health and safety of citizens, has to be taken to task for not discharging statutory duties in controlling this menace. The consumption of adulterated milk and milk products was hazardous to human health, he added.

He said he was shocked to read a statement of the state diary development minister alleging that private milk firms were using harmful chemicals in the milk they produce, which causes cancer in many children. The minister has further alleged that only after a thorough check of the packaged milk of private firms for more than five months, it was found that the milk adulterators were using hydrogen peroxide and chlorine to prevent milk from getting spoiled.

But no one can deny the fact that a grave apprehension was created by the claim and counter claim of the state government and private milk producers and since many of the factories distributing milk situated outside TN, it may not be possible for the state police to investigate the allegation of the minister in this regard. He sent a representation to entrust to CBI the investigation into the allegation of milk being sold in TN was adulterated. As there was no response, he filed the present PIL, Suryaprakasam added.


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