Jus Dicere publishes “Precedent” twice a year that incorporates in-depth resources about the issues that are the major concern to professionals, practitioners, judges, students, corporate lawyers, attorneys and other integrated members of the legal fraternity.   This publication gives one with the principles involved in approaching the issues on earlier cases which is useful for the legal bodies while giving judgment.  This intends to undergo a complete research involving both inductive and deductive methods and cover all the aspects of a case in the legal history.

Jus Dicere encourages articles with complete research reporting an issue. The articles submitted are analyzed by a highly qualified editorial board. The success of addressing a solution to an issue depends on research and publications.

These publications not only enhance the research skill of the writer but it also encourages the writer to incorporate their opinions and perspectives on the issue addressed. We at Jus Dicere provides a platform for the legal community to undergo in-depth research, analysis and share their opinions on all judicial topics in a wider way. This also creates a benchmark for practicing professionals, students, and legal fraternity to make out an article that draws common people interest towards law and its applications on real life. Precedent gives legal fraternity a prototype in giving their decisions influenced by social, economic and other concerned values.

Volume 2

Publication Detail

Title of Publication Precedent
Publisher Parag Agrawal
Imprint Jus Dicere
Volume Two
Issue Two
ISBN 978-93-5311-594-4
Publication Month December
Publication Year 2018

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Publication Detail

Title of Publication Precedent
Publisher Parag Agrawal
Imprint Jus Dicere
Volume Two
Issue One
ISBN 978-93-5300-585-6
Publication Month June
Publication Year 2018

Paper Published

Title of Paper Author Name Paper Link
First Author Second Author
Case Comment on Power Machines India Limited v. State Of Madhya Pradesh and Ors., 2017 TaxPub(CL) 0265 (SC) Abhinav Benjamin Under Review
Regulation of Private Equity transactions under Companies Act Akshal Agarwal Under Review
Mediation in Environmental Disputes: Possibilities in Reference to the Cauvery Water Dispute Ankita Agarwal Under Review
The conundrum of Judicial Independence Ansari Zartab Jabeen Under Review
The Fourth Estate in Indian polity: Status and Challenges Ashwin Venu Rose Joy Under Review
Analysis of self-murder and De-criminalization of its Attempt Asween Kaur Under Review
Case Comment: Rajesh Sharma & Ors. v. State of U.P. & Anr. Diksha R. Kale Under Review
Expanding Scope of Arbitration Divya Sharma Under Review
Govind Chaturvedi Under Review
The Unorganised Sector Workers Social Security Act, 2008 An Appraisal Isha Kalwant Singh Under Review
Analysis of Paternity Benefits Jashan Merchant Under Review
The Nagaland Quagmire: Problems, Perspectives and Challenges Karthik Shiva. B Under Review
maintainance of wife,  children and aged person Kumudha s Under Review
health law Madhvi Chopra Under Review
Corporate Law and Governance Mahesh Aryal Ayush Adhikari Under Review
Family Laws in India Maitrii Dani Under Review
Withdrawal from Prosecution: Analysis of Sheo Nandan Paswan Muskaan Joshi Prerona Banerjee Under Review
Irrellevancy Of Confession Given By Inducement Or Threat Nandita Krishnan Under Review
Food Adulteration: A Socio-Legal problem vis-a-vis Jammu and Kashmir Naveed Naseem Shaheela Khurshid Under Review
Constitution V. Customs With Special Reference To The Jallikatu Nishant Kumar Under Review
Socio Economic Offences and IPC, 1860:  An Analysis Nishant Mohanty Under Review
Deathbed Bequests Pallavi Under Review
E-Governance: A New Reality For Legislative Drafting parisha singh Under Review
Trademark And Unfair Competition Payal Kalhan Under Review
Special Remedies Against Infringement of Copyright Prachi Anal Kriti Verma Under Review
Githa Hariharan Prajjwal Kushwaha Under Review
A Gendered Indian Society: Recognition of third gender Ritika Sharma Under Review
Kosmopoulos Case: Reevaluating the Requirement of Insurable Interest Riya Gupta Under Review
A Study on the Menace of Corruption in India and its’ Legal Combat Machinery Sourav Banerjee Sagarika Dhar Under Review
Addressing the Climate Challenges Through Conventions Subham Saurabh Nikita Sharma Under Review
Ceremonies and Their Rigidity in a Hindu Marriage Surya Rajkumar Under Review
The possibility of restoration of Balochistan’s sovereignty under International Law Swati Singh Parmar Under Review
Case comment on Shreya Singhal V Union of India Unnati Tripathi Under Review
Impact of GST on Sports and Media Industries Vishwaraj Panwar Somesh Dixit Under Review

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Volume 1

Publication Detail

Title of Publication Precedent
Publisher Parag Agrawal
Imprint Jus Dicere
Volume One
Issue Two
ISBN 978-93-5281-177-9
Publication Month December
Publication Year 2017

Paper Published

Title of Paper Author Name Paper Link
First Author Second Author
Decriminilisation Of Attempt To Suicide: “Humanity Wins Over Atrocity” Kanika Sharma Kanika Aggarwal click here
Independent Directors : Modern Vivishana In Corporate World Rachaita Saha Cindrella Sengupta click here
State, Surrogacy and Settlement: A Question of personal liberty or public policy Shubhangi Gaur Varun Raina click here
Development of Legal Position of Property Rights of Indian Women Dr. Shubhada Gholap click here
Integration Of The Bar: A National Imperative Beyond Geographical Boundaries Arjun Kadam click here
“Hire First and Fire Next” R.Vigneshwaran click here
Where International Law Fails: the Israel-Palestine Conflict Rahul Khemka click here
Justice For Transgender People; A Step Towards Equality Minu Babu click here
“Justice” Are We Getting It In The True Sense? Impact Of Amendments In Criminal Laws And Juvenile Justice Dr. Sameera Raees click here
Rights Of Accused In Criminal Justice Administration In India: An Appraisal Of Judicial Activism. Dr. Varinder Kumar Kaushik Vidhu Garg click here
Emerging Crimes Against Women In The Cyber Space: A Study In The Context Of The Present Information Technology Act And The Indian Penal Code Akshi Narula click here
Rethinking Criminal Justice Administration: Efficacy Of Indian Courts Akshita Nigam Jigyasa Chitransh click here
Life Beneath The Rope: Is There Any Alternative To Capital Punishment Eshita Baghel click here
Rationality In Arrest Gaurav Puri Debolina Mitra click here
Redefining Honour‘Ism’: Problems And Prospects With Prosecuting The Perpetrators U/S 300, Ipc Gouransh Bhurrak Amla Pandey click here
Efficacy Of Courts Under Present Criminal Justice Administration K Palaniswamy K Manikandan click here
The Multiplicity Of Vicitimisation: A Vexing Vortex In The Indian Judicial Paradigm Kainat Singh Shashank Mishra click here
Compnesation For Victims Of Crime In India- A Comprehensive Analysis Manisha Band click here
Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Manyata Singhal click here
Dna Profiling: Penumbra Of Criminal Law Mokshi Manhas Gunjan Thakur click here
Re-Thinking The Juvenile Justice System In India Navraj click here
Violation Of The Human Rights Of The Accused In India: A Study Of The Indian Criminal Jurisprudence Nidhi Sharma click here
Is The Death Row Phenomenon Antithetical To A Convict’s Right To Life? Saloni Dhadwal Riya Kothari click here
Meting Out Complete Justice – Need For Victim Compensation: A Survey Of All Hc & Sc Cases On 357-A Crpc Sunisth Goyal click here
Female Foeticide: Denying The Right To Live Surbhi Grover Soumya Pradhan click here
Storing The Dna Profiles Of Juveniles-Legal Or Illegal Veena Nair click here
Analysis On Hanging As Mode Of Execution In India Vidit Yadav Shashwat Srivastava click here

Publication Details

Title of Publication Precedent
Publisher Parag Agrawal
Imprint Jus Dicere
Volume One
Issue One
ISBN 978-1-64008-273-1
Publication Month June
Publication Year 2017

Paper Published

Title of Paper Author Name Paper Link
First Author Second Author
The Latest Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union and U.S.A. Supreme Court Justice Ioannis SARMAS click here
Anti Profiteering- Lessons To India From The Experience Of Australia Rini Mathew S.Mathi Vathani click here
Climate Refugism :An Introductive Study In Human Rights Perspective Vikram Singh click here
Independent Status Of Attorney-General Of India: A Threat To The Constitution Dr. Bhawna Sharma click here
The Human Sense of Smell: A Breathtaking Conventionality Sana Sharma Under Review
Abuse Of Human Rights Vis-A-Vis Lifting The Corporate Veil Isha Singh Surya Saxena click here
The Menance of Terrorism Saransh Vijayvargiya click here
Misuse of Anti-Dowry Laws: Victimization of Men Sahil Mathur Priyanshi Shukla click here
Guardianship Of Persons With Intellectual And Psychosocial Disabilities And Its Impact On Their Legal Capacity Ruchika Dash Ishaan Mohan click here
Corporate Responsibility Towards Workers Health Dr. Jyoti Angrish click here
Company Law : Dividends an Overview Jai Bajpai click here
Indian Judicial Approach Arindam Bhardwaj click here
Environment And Sustainable Devlopment Sneha B click here
Marital Rape : An overview Atul Rana Avantika Banerjee click here
Surrogacy : The Indian Perspective Shipra Soham Bandyopadhyay click here
The Hindu Gains Of Learning Act, 1930 – A Critical Analysis Shivkrit Rai Puri click here
Family Dispute Redressal Mechanism In India – Right To Be Represented In Family Courts Shrey Chakraborty click here
Surrogacy: Barbaric or Blessing Avantika Banerjee Atul Rana click here
Demilitarization of Outer Space in Neoliberal Times Srelaxmi S Kurup click here
Gopal Sondur v  Rajni Sondur; A Case Commentary Siddarth click here
Unbolting the Central Principles in the ‘Case Concerning the Unilateral Declaration of Independent Kosovo (UDIK) Atul Alexender click here
Criminal Justice through DNA Technology Ritika Choubey Harsh click here
Knowledge : History & legal aspect related to health & IPR Prateek Shekhar Mohini Sharma click here

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