Prime Ministers Man ki Baat on 30th, Way Forward to Go Cashless and Fight against Black Money.

Asking people to fight against black money, Prime Minister has urged people to use less cash on their daily lives and continue to support digital India and movement towards digital payments.

n his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme, he also spoke of building a ‘New India’, which he said can be achieved when 125 crore Indians take a pledge and unitedly work towards it.

“My dear countrymen, we must take our fight against black money and corruption to the next level. …. We should contribute towards reducing the use of cash, of currency notes,” the prime minister said.

Asking the people to pay school fees, buy medicines or items from fair price shops or purchase air and train tickets digitally, he said “we can do this in our day to day lives.  You can’t imagine how you can serve the country in this way and become a brave soldier in the fight against black money and corruption.”

Observing that the budget had announced that there would be 2,500 crore digital transactions this year, he said if 125 crore countrymen can resolve, “they need not wait for a year; they can do it in six months.


Modi said over the last few months the country has witnessed an atmosphere in which people in large numbers have participated in the digital payment, ‘Digidhan’ movement.

Modi also added “If we look at the society, there are many who are serving the society in their own ways. Some are serving patients in hospitals, others are voluntarily donating blood and some others feeding the poor. Service is the core of our values. If we obey traffic rules, pledge not to use petrol or diesel once a week, resolve to be more responsible, if we do things step by step, we can achieve a new India,”

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