SC to consider curative petition in Soumya rape and murder case

The six member bench of Supreme Court will consider the curative petition on April 27th, filed by the Kerala State Government as the last attempt to reinstate death sentence to the accused which was earlier reduced by the Supreme Court. The petition will be heard in the chamber of judges. However, the state government requested for an open court hearing. It is submitted in the petition that even if evidences are in favor of the accused, he shouldn’t be given any benefit of doubt.

On February 1, 2011 when Soumya was returning to her home by train from Ernakulam- Shornur, the accused Govindachami intended to commit rape and robbery. As a result of scuffle, she was dropped out of the moving train. The accused also moved out of the moving train to the place where she was in daze. He then shifted her to a deserted place and committed rape on her in between the railway track and left the place after robbing her mobile phone. The accused was tried by a fast track court in Thrissur which awarded death penalty. The accused preferred an appeal in the Kerala High Court which confirmed the conviction. In the Special Leave Petition filed by the accused in the Supreme Court expressed its doubts whether Soumya voluntarily threw herself out of the train or she was pushed by the accused, remarking “The court is convinced that Soumya was raped. The court also understands that she died due to head injury. However, it should be clarified whether Soumya was pushed from the train or whether she herself jumped from the train.”


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