What Industry Say : Shambhavi Shukla, Law School Desk to Dais

Shambhavi Shukla, pass out of 2016 Batch of Symbiosis Law School, Noida constituent of Symbiosis International University, Pune, currently pursuing LLM(IPR) from National Law University, Jodhpur. Shambhavi is one of the best student Symbiosis Law School can ever have.

  1. What made you chose law as a career?

I was determined to do law since an early stage, I guess it was class 7th when in my school i.e. Loreto Convent, Lucknow we use to have these Career Counselling sessions. So for me law was always the first option and it did not happen by chance.

  1. I’m sure your law school journey must be having lots of ups and down, Share some moments from it?

For sure ! Its been a bumpy ride but all is well that ends well. So moots, studies, everything it was mixed bag, cant really pick up some instances from half a decade. The entire time spent with my Symbiosis Family is moments worth cherishing.

  1. What/ Who was your motivation throughout the journey?

Honestly, I did not have any particular person, throughout this journey or even today when I am Masters student but the force which kept on driving me through thick and thin was the motivation of my parents. They never really pressurised me for anything, may be that was the reason I could fare well all through my College life.

  1. Things you enjoyed doing in law school?

Moots and parliamentary debates. Although I was not much of an extracurricular person but I knew that I had built my CV and for that I started working from Day 1 of College. Right from studies to internships, one needs to enjoy everything if you want to fare well in College and even after that.

  1. How do you look at “Academics vs. Extra- Curricular”?

As I earlier stated both. Balance out both, prioritise and then work and the point being nothing in this world can substitute your education.

  1. We always have pressure in law school to build CV with Moots, and research papers, so, How do these activities helped you in the professional world?

Pressure is as you feel it. Relax and work and you feel it is all easy and it is all a part of life. As far as the impact on professional life is concerned, it is actually beyond your imagination. If one is well versed with the text, practical application of the same would be easy ( although I must mention here that Moots have nothing to do with how the actual Court works but one cannot have a better brain storming session).

  1. Advice to students as how can they excel their speaking and writing skills?

Immensely important, if you feel you don’t possess these, learn it. Thats it. No excuses but just learning and practising can help you. It will make you earn and if you cant then this profession is definitely, not the best choice for you.

  1. Your internship experiences? Does it really matter?

It does, internships are not only important on your CV but also they teach you a lot. So please take them seriously so that you do not repent at the end. In fact I suggest that each one should actually aim for a Pre placement offer, from which ever place suits you best.

  1. Advice to the law students regarding internships?

Take them seriously. They are immensely important, specially towards the last two years of your five year law course.

  1. How according to you should a law student’s CV look like?

There is nothing a perfect CV, just that it very important that one maintains a balance.

  1. Things which now you feel that you should have tried hand at during law school but you didn’t ?

Honestly, nothing because I did almost everything which my College provided. Right from Moots to Internships to Paper Presentations, just remember, marks have no substitute, so your priority should be very clear in your mind as to what is the purpose of your doing law.

  1. What is your opinion on present education system? Any change you would like to bring in?

Practical education is a must. Law Schools in general should focus more on what the law is and how it is implemented rather than making students learn the law. Read the Bare Acts, understand the law, increase the horizon of interpretation.

  1. Life from Law School Desk to Dais?

Bumpy I must. After working for three months, deciding to leave a decently paying job just to pursue the goal of higher education, the journey has been bumpy but nevertheless the learning is important. I learnt and continue to do the same.

  1. Vital lesson taught by the professional world which law school didn’t teach?

One very important point that I would like to make here, your law school will never teach you, you have to learn. It is your job to learn and your law school can just provide you with the facilities. There is nothing like a good teacher or a bad teacher, it is how well read you are and how interested you are in learning the subject, that will determine how good the teacher is and as far as I am concerned my Law school actually taught me which my professional life proved right that, Time and Tide wait for none.

  1. Advice for students pursuing law?

Only one- Please do it when you really want to do it.

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