Who We Are

Law is extremely dynamic in nature and as the society develops, law develops. The need of the society is what changes the law. So, how do we understand the need of the society?  One step to know that is by inviting opinions from the people of the society on various subject.

We, at Jus Dicere, have started with one major motive, that is , to provide a platform for people to express their opinions and to showcase their Research and opinion on the  National as well as International Platform with a huge reader base. The Blogs, Publications, Events are intended to allow individuals to present their Research work pertaining to various fields, be it Social, Political or Economic, with the main aim of being a pragmatic ingredient of the legal field. Therefore,  providing standard articles for the readers which pertain to various fields is what we work towards.

‘Jus Dicere’ is a brainchild of Parag Agrawal, who started with the simple vision of making well-researched articles/ content available  conveniently to the legal fraternity and at the same time providing a plethora  platform to fellow law students to express their opinions and hone their Research related skills. Fortunately, in a very short span of time, the vision  has grown and is blossoming at an exponential rate because of the immense hard work and passion of almost 200 other members who have become an integral part of the Team. Furthermore, considering the growth potential of our organization, we  openheartedly keep incorporating new ideologies and  also keep welcoming  new members,  every now and then on board.

We are proud to claim that today ‘Jus Dicere’ has various verticals with individual aims and objective to serve the Legal Fraternity. We have some extremely Eminent Personas acting as our Advisors and providing us with constant support and encouragement towards an enriching and fruitful learning and interactive experience to’ carve a niche ‘ in the horizons of success.