Who We Are

Law is considered to be dynamic in nature because it keeps evolving along with the needs of the society. So, in order to understand the law, we need to understand the needs of the society first. The needs of the society can be comprehended by integrating the opinions of people from different walks of life, on various subjects.

Parag Agrawal identified this and founded Jus Dicere with the dual objectives of providing a platform to such people for expressing their opinions and showcasing their research not only on a national scale but also to a huge base of international readers and making well-researched content conveniently available to the legal fraternity.

We, at Jus Dicere, encourage individuals to present their research work in social, economic and political areas which are all pragmatic ingredients of the legal field. The medium can be anything from a blog or a publication to an event.

Fortunately, in a very short span of time, the vision has materialized and is growing at an exponential rate. Thanks to our team constituting about 200 hardworking and passionate members! The scope of further growth is huge for us which is why we keep welcoming new talent with different ideologies to our organization.

Today we are proud to proclaim that Jus Dicere has evolved multiple verticals with individual aims and objectives to serve the Legal Fraternity. Our advisors are some of the most competent and eminent personalities of the industry who provide us with constant support and encouragement in our endeavor towards a gainful learning and interactive experience to carve a niche in the horizons of success.