All You Need To Know About Estonia: An Area To Discover-Jus Dicere

Estonia is a country in the north of Europe with neighboring country been Finland and situated beside the Baltic Sea. It is a tiny country that hosts some very incredible features which you will not find anywhere else in the world. This makes it so interesting to be written about.

  1. All females

This country has a number of females than males. For every 100 females, there are only 84 males.

  1. They shine at Olympics

This might sound new to you but interestingly they have a very high strike rate and have collected 25.5 medals per million residents

  1. Men love to carry their wives

Wife-carrying is a sport that originated in Finland but people here are quite crazy for this non-Olympic sport. They have won Wife Carrying World Championships for 11 consecutive years between 1998 and 2008.

  1. They like to go round and round

Here I am referring about swinging. Participants attach themselves to a huge steel string and then rotate a full 360 degrees. They love this sport and if you happen to visit the country you might also get a chance to try your hands on it.

  1. No crowd

How do you feel like living in India? Crowded, isn’t it? But Estonia is one such country where you won’t feel the same. It has a very less population of around 13.2 lakhs and a density of 28.4 people per square km. Compare this with India’s population density which is 382 people per square km. Now you feel it. It has got a lot of free space.

  1. Traveling within the country is free

You heard it right. In its capital city Tallinn, residents can get around in the country through public transport absolutely free.

  1. Full of islands

As I already mentioned the country is situated beside the Baltic Sea so it has got around 2222 islands but still that it is less than Finland which boasts to have around 1,79,000 islands

  1. High Literacy Rate

According to UNESCO, it has a literacy rate of around 99.8% which is brilliant. Everybody there goes to school.

  1. E-stonia

Estonia is rightly called E-stonia since it is one of the most electronically advanced countries in the world. People here vote and pay taxes online.

  1. Got two World Heritage site

Not many people would know that Estonia has 2 World Heritage sites. It is interesting to note that Tallinn the capital town of Estonia is itself a World Heritage Site because of its tragic archaic architecture. The other is the Struve Geodetic Arc which Estonia shares with few other EU nations.

  1. No religion

You again heard it right. Estonia is the least religious country. In a survey, many Estonians answered that religion does not play an important role in their life.

  1. It’s flat

The region is quite flat as the highest point of the country is just 318 metres above sea level.

  1. It’s history

Estonia is said to have a very tragic history. Estonia is and was a poor country and during the Second World War, many Estonians were killed which is much greater than the number of people killed in other European Countries. A lot of people are also believed to have been deported to Soviet labor camps in the aftermath of World War II.

Estonia among other things continues to be one of the poorest countries of European Nations. A lot of tourists visit the country every year. It is also said that it is one such country that receives more tourists every year than its total population. Its currency before introducing Euro was kroon.

By Shambhavi Gupta

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